Summer snaps – day twenty!

Today was our last day in Victoria, and it’s my last full day in Canada too! My parents are staying an extra day to run some errands with my sister. I’m so excited to get home and see my husband and cats and get back to regular life, but traveling is so exciting, and I’ll miss my family! We hadn’t been all together since December, so it was long overdue. (Note – Ben would have come too but since he changed his name after the wedding, he hadn’t started the passport application process in time. He was missed!!!)

We had a busy day again – brunch, coffee shops, visiting the Royal British Columbia Museum, more coffee shops, touring a castle, even more coffee shops, the ferry ride back to Vancouver, and a birthday dinner for my sister. Big kudos to my dad for doing all of the driving on this crazy short trip, and for always stopping for more coffee.

I’m suuuuuuuper tired and have to re-pack with all of my acquired (coffee) goodies before my early start at the airport tomorrow, so it’s not the full travel picture dump like usual. Just a little peek into my day:

The view from the Craigdarroch Castle of Victoria
Attempting to pack all of my coffee and tea…