Get crafty: TBR Jar

I finally feel like I’ve settled into this house, and a good part of that was organizing my craft supplies. Through the moves and the college dorm-living, they’ve been constricted to plastic bins & have been jostled and thrown all around, and have been sitting in a closet ever since we got to this house. We have a teeny tiny second bedroom here that we’ve turned into an office, and I bought a simple desk from the Container Store and some organizational drawers on sale from Michael’s for my side of the room. It’s been a stupidly long process, but last week I actually put everything in its proper place, and did a fair bit of combing through the supplies and tossed/donated things I know I won’t be using.

TBR Jar - 1 of 1 (2)

I’m one of those people who can deal with a messy space, but for my creativity and happiness to be flowing, I need a good organizing marathon every now and then.

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