Summer snaps – day twelve

For a little self-care this Sunday, we went to get Ben & Jerry’s. The shop is right by the historical Patterson Homestead, so we (me, Ben, and his mom who’s visiting for a short time) decided to walk around the beautiful grounds of the home. I’m so glad the weather cooled down this evening – it’s been SO HOT lately!!

Also, here’s your daily cat pic. Just because.

june 12-13

Summer snaps – day eleven

Ben’s mom is visiting for the weekend, so we decided to check out the food truck rally at the Fraze Pavilion in Kettering for dinner this evening. There were lots of great trucks to choose from! We got some hot dogs from Zombie Dogs and Greek fries & gyros from Greek Street. Yum!!

Summer snaps – day eight

(just because snapshots is too long to type every day…)

I had some asparagus that I needed to use up today – so what’s better than fresh asparagus sautĂ©ed in butter until cripsy, topped with grated parmesan? Not much.

june 8-1.jpg

Also, a tip I just learned from Sorted Food is to peel the bottom parts of the asparagus before cooking. No more tough ends that you can’t chew! Life changing! (sort of.)

Summer snapshots – day seven

This is one of my favorite spots in the house – the bookshelf in our second bedroom/office. It’s where I keep most of my books, and every time I look at it I’m reminded of all the stories I’ve read and have yet to read. I’ve got books from childhood, high school, college summers, and ones I just picked up last week, along with unsent Christmas cards and trinkets filled with memories. Bookshelves can be an incredibly personal thing and a peek into someone’s life. I hope I can read all of the books on my shelves someday!

june 7.jpg

Summer snapshots – day six

Today was one of those beautiful days off where I cleaned the house and did about six loads of laundry, all with the sunshine streaming through the windows and the cats in a cuddly mood.

june 6-1

Here’s Saoirse being a lil lazy cutie. The cats spent a TON of time snuggled up against me and with each other (!!!) but my camera was always in the other room at their peak sweetness!