Summer snaps – day forty one

We had a trip to the vet this morning (checkup and nail trimming, so nothing to worry about) and I snapped this pic when Ben was showing the vet something on Samson’s belly. Ugh, this cat is too much. Just look at those eyes!

Summer snaps – day thirty eight

These cuties.


(also I know I’m not posting every day anymore but that’s just cause life is life and I don’t always have time to pull out my camera, or even my phone for pictures. also also sometimes life is just boring!!)

Summer snaps – day twenty nine

After work, I spent a lot of the day packing and preparing for our trip to Oregon (tomorrow!) for Ben’s high school reunion. But I also got to spend some time with this sweet little two month old!!! We tried to take her 2 month pictures, but couldn’t get any smiles – we’ll try again next week when she’s a bit less sleepy!

Summer snaps – day twenty eight

Lately my days have consisted of working, trying to catch up with things around the house, and watching my cats be awesome creatures. So most of my pictures have been of my cats lately, #sorrynotsorry.

Here we have Saoirse noticing a bug on the window and trying desparately to attack it:

Then we have the lil beans discovering the wonder of an open window and fresh air:

And finally, the crazy one trying to get the Samson’sĀ attention: