Third trimester wrap-up

Well, I was worried that I wouldn’t get around to writing this while I was actually still in the third trimester… but this baby’s got other plans! I’m currently 41 weeks + 1 day as I write this.

40 weeks pregnant

This baby is taking its sweet time to make its grand entrance, apparently! 

I was lucky to have a pretty easy first and second trimester, with almost no morning sickness – just lots of exhaustion and growing pains, but nothing that wasn’t manageable. Then along came the third trimester, which brought with it a gooooood number of bumps in the road.

39 weeks pregnant
but wait, there’s more!

Positive affirmations for pregnancy & birth

Wish I could find a site to credit this to, but a friend sent it to me!

I absolutely love positive affirmations – whether they’re used to center yourself around your pregnancy and birth, or just in everyday life. It’s SO helpful to me to have a word or a phrase accessible in the back of my mind to pull on when I’m feeling stressed, off balance, overwhelmed, or anxious. And I’ve REALLY needed them during this pregnancy!

but wait, there’s more!

Second trimester sanity-savers

I am solidly in the third trimester now {where has the time gone?! I have a feeling I’ll be saying that a lot from now on} and thought I’d share some things that carried me through the second trimester. They say that the second trimester {weeks 13-28, approx.} is when you’re supposed to be glowing, at your peak of comfort and happiness and all that good stuff – I definitely enjoyed the second trimester more than the first, but hey, it wasn’t all sunshine and daisies!

Here are some things that I enjoyed and that helped me stay more comfortable during the second trimester.

{side note – I started writing this while I was still in the second trimester, but man, baby brain is no joke. I’m 34 weeks now!!} Continue reading “Second trimester sanity-savers”