Summer snaps – day thirty four 

Today was a crazy day of travel. Have you ever had an airline change two of your flights without notifying you? Well, I have!!! Check my Twitter if you want to see more, ugh.

All that matters right now is that I’m home in bed with my husband all of my luggage, which my cats are thoroughly inspecting. It’s all good. 

Here’s a picture of what we left behind in Oregon:

We got to stay with Ben’s best friend from HS’s parents, aka Ben’s extra set of parents. They have a beautiful home in Ashland and even more beautiful gardens. We miss it already. 

Summer snaps – day thirty three

Okay, let’s just go with phone pictures when I’m traveling, because who really wants to stay up an extra half hour (at least) for the editing and writing and posting after such a long day of adventuring? Not me, obv. Agreed? Agreed. (Good thing I made up this whole photo a day challenge for myself to begin with, hehe)

Today was the 4th of July, so we celebrated by watching the parade on our last day in Ashland. They’ve got a pretty packed parade and it was a lot of fun! We walked around and checked out the booths afterward, and spent some time wading in the (cold!) creek before going to see some band concerts.  Of course, I managed to slip on the rocks and badly stub a few toes, which now feel a lil bit broken and super swollen, so that sadly cut our festivities short. (and perfect timing since we have an entire day of plane travel tomorrow, huh?) But we had a pleasant time overall, and Ben had the idea of driving up Mt Ashland to see the ski area and the crazy gorgeous view. It was a great plan for an invalid wife! Thank goodness for rental cars. And smart husbands, and beautiful mountains. You can see Mt Shasta in California if you look closely – it’s the one still covered in snow!

Summer snaps – day thirty two?

So, I missed a day. Ben’s high school reunion was last night, and we didn’t get home until late and went straight to bed! And as I was falling asleep, I realized I had not taken one single picture that day, on my phone or with my camera. Whoops!

But I’ll make up for it today – not with a camera pic unfortunately because I am v. tired – with a picture with the most beautiful shade of blue in all the land. Behold, Crater Lake! (also can you tell that I saw another Shakespeare Festival play tonight? lol)

Seriously, I don’t know how this place is real. 

Summer snaps – day thirty one

Sleepy Margaret strikes again!!! 

We had a crazy full day here in Ashland – morning hikes, big breakfasts, exploring the main town, seeing TWO plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, revisiting old memories, and a dinner of home-grilled pizza with lots of storytelling. Did I mention that I got over 20,000 steps today??

So alas, my computer feels too cold and heavy to lift tonight, so a phone snap must do. (feeling a tad dramatic after all of the Shakespeare)

Summer snaps – day THIRTY! 

Well I’ve made it this far, there’s no stopping me now!

Except for all of the traveling Ben and I did today (Dayton-Dallas-Portland-Medford-Ashland) has knocked me out, and I didn’t even touch my camera today. So I’m giving myself another travel day pass and using a phone picture I took of Mt. Hood on the flight into Portland. Wow, Oregon. You are serious about your mountains. 

I can’t wait to see what this trip holds for us! It’s Ben’s 10 year high school reunion and my first time in Oregon. He spent his high school years here in Ashland and it is definitely a place that shaped him to be who he is today. So excited see it all!!