An ode to Thrive Market

Recently, I got an email offering me a free 30 day trial membership to a site called Thrive Market. The email also offered a free jar of coconut oil, so I thought, why not? You can never really have too much coconut oil, and this site looked pretty cool. It claimed to offer savings of 25-50% on all of these natural, healthy, and organic food and other products. Sounds like a pretty big claim, right?

As I browsed through their offerings, I saw items that I already have sitting in my pantry and fridge, and items that I also just used up and had on my shopping list. And the prices? I work at a grocery store, so one day on my break I walked up and down the aisles and price checked them. Even with my employee discount, Thrive was cheaper.

It all just sounded too good to be true. All this food, which is really great quality, for these lower prices, and you don’t even have to leave the house? Yeah, I was curious, and had to try it.

After a lot of opening of tabs and reading of reviews, of putting things in my cart and taking them out, I settled on my first order. It was a weird conglomeration of things I knew I needed and things that I wanted to try, as most of my shopping trips consist of. Here’s a little peek at some items that I purchased:


mesaNature’s Path Organic Mesa Sunrise Flakes Cereal 

My mom used to get this cereal all the time when I was living at home, and it was always a tasty snack and quick morning breakfast. So when I saw the big bag of this listed online, I added it immediately. It goes particularly well with…


Pacific Foods Oat Milk 

oatI’ve been wanting to follow more of a vegan/plant-based diet lately, and needed to find an alternative to dairy milk. Almond is alright, I’m trying to avoid too much soy, and coconut weirds me out. A coworker recommended oat milk to me, and at first I thought she was a little crazy, but this stuff is AWESOME. It’s naturally sweet, free of too many additives like carrageenan and flavoring. I’ve been loving it with the Mesa Sunrise cereal, on its own, and in cold brew coffee. Continue reading “An ode to Thrive Market”