July favorites

July is going by so quickly! Is it just me or has time been moving much faster than it used to? Maybe that’s a “symptom” of getting older – not that 23 is old!!

July has started as a month full of traveling, relaxing, adventuring, cats, and days that feel way to short to be able to fit everything in! Still, I managed to pick out a few of my favorite things, which is one of those bloggery things I’ve been meaning to try out. So though the month is not yet over, here are a few of my faves so far!


New camera lens

For my birthday, Ben got me a Nikkor 50mm lens that I’ve been eyeing ever since I got my camera. As a fixed lens, it’s been challenging me to take more creative pictures, and I’m so happy to have something new to play around with!


As you may have seen in my earlier post, we adopted our second cat, Samson, at the beginning of May. We are loving our little household additions – they provide lots of entertainment, a little stress, and lots of cuddles. Ugh, I’m becoming one of those people who talks about their pets at any chance they can… I don’t hate it.

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