Brew a delicious cup of French press coffee!

Y’all know I love my coffee.

Or at least Ihopeyoudo if you’ve been around for a hot second!

Now I’ll be honest with you – sometimes there’s nothing better than a cup of coffee that someone else made {I see you, busy moms & dads!}. But I think it’s v important to learn how to brew your own coffee in as many ways as possible. If you’re a coffee nerd like me you’ll understand that certain roasts taste best when they’re brewed in a particular way & that there’s always more to learn!

I used to hate French press coffee – it felt gritty, too sour and heavy, and just yuck. But that was because I was doing it wrong!

It took some tinkering with different recipes & tutorials that I found on the internet, but I finally found just the right taste. Full bodied, smooth, and easy to drink!

You might find that you want to add more or less coffee, or that you don’t really care about exact measurements, so take this all with a grain of salt. Or a grain of coffee??! lolz.

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24 hours in Cincinnati

Now that I work two part-time jobs, weekends are not really a “thing” for me anymore.

If I get any days off, they’re probably not going to be on the actual weekend – but somehow, I had a whole Saturday off last week, and wasn’t scheduled to work until the afternoon on Sunday!

So Ben & I jumped at the chance to explore our little corner of Ohio a bit more, and booked a B&B in the cute neighborhood of Clifton in Cincinnati. We had just about 24 hours to spend in Cincinnati, and we were going to make the absolute most out of it.

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Dayton Coffee Crawl: A visit to Ghostlight Coffee

Ah, Ghostlight. You were the first coffee shop I visited in Dayton, the first one I found in my Google search, my first Dayton coffee love. Thus, I think it makes sense that it’s the first stop on my Dayton Coffee Crawl!

Let’s start with the basics…

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Dayton Coffee Crawl

I don’t think it really needs to be said, but I love coffee.

The first thing I do when I go to a new place is to search for a coffee shop to try out – & the second is to try to find a bookstore, so I think my priorities are set in the right places.

When I found out we were moving to Dayton, I was so concerned that for some reason, they wouldn’t know how to do good coffee in this random spot in Ohio. (I was spoiled by my east coast upbringing, I think) But after doing a quick Google search, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised!

Once we arrived in Dayton, we made pretty quick work of checking a few coffee shops I found off of my list. Somehow, though, I still haven’t managed to get to them all! Now that we’ve been here for over a year, I thought it would only be appropriate to do a series of posts that I’m going to call the Dayton Coffee Crawl – visits to every single local coffee shop in the area, with an overview and my thoughts on each one. Traditionally, “coffee crawls” are single-day tours of a number of coffee shops in an area, resulting in some SUPER CAFFEINATED people. But I don’t have the time for that and goodness knows my heart can’t handle too many shots of espresso in one day!! It’ll be a slow crawl.

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August favorites

Another month has come and gone! August was a busy month of anniversaries, family visits, lots of hours spent at work, and seemingly endless rain. It’s been a month full of pushing back items on my to-do list for far too long – including blog posts like this. I’m just barely making it in time to talk about what I’ve been loving in August! Surprise surprise, a lot of it is food or entertainment…

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Summer snaps – day twenty!

Today was our last day in Victoria, and it’s my last full day in Canada too! My parents are staying an extra day to run some errands with my sister. I’m so excited to get home and see my husband and cats and get back to regular life, but traveling is so exciting, and I’ll miss my family! We hadn’t been all together since December, so it was long overdue. (Note – Ben would have come too but since he changed his name after the wedding, he hadn’t started the passport application process in time. He was missed!!!)

We had a busy day again – brunch, coffee shops, visiting the Royal British Columbia Museum, more coffee shops, touring a castle, even more coffee shops, the ferry ride back to Vancouver, and a birthday dinner for my sister. Big kudos to my dad for doing all of the driving on this crazy short trip, and for always stopping for more coffee.

I’m suuuuuuuper tired and have to re-pack with all of my acquired (coffee) goodies before my early start at the airport tomorrow, so it’s not the full travel picture dump like usual. Just a little peek into my day:

The view from the Craigdarroch Castle of Victoria
Attempting to pack all of my coffee and tea…