24 hours in Cincinnati

Now that I work two part-time jobs, weekends are not really a “thing” for me anymore.

If I get any days off, they’re probably not going to be on the actual weekend – but somehow, I had a whole Saturday off last week, and wasn’t scheduled to work until the afternoon on Sunday!

So Ben & I jumped at the chance to explore our little corner of Ohio a bit more, and booked a B&B in the cute neighborhood of Clifton in Cincinnati. We had just about 24 hours to spend in Cincinnati, and we were going to make the absolute most out of it.

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Summer snaps – day forty nine

Ben and I went to a Cincinnati Reds game last night with free tickets from the USO! It was my first time in Cincinnati and our first time at a Reds game. We got so lucky with the weather, and the Reds won! It was fun to be able to cross something off our Dayton Bucket List, and do it for free. 

And every Friday evening, they have an amazing fireworks show after the game! They played songs by the Beatles during the display – a great end to a great evening.