Happy fall, y’all

Fall is my favorite season, yet the leaves always seem to change color and disappear so quickly. So when it’s 20 degrees and snowy, or 95 degrees and humid, I think I’ll look back on these photos to get a taste of those cozy fall vibes! Plus, a lil cat pic for good measure.

Summer snaps – day FIFTY!

So yes, it’s not really summer anymore, but it’s still hot and the leaves are still on the trees so I’m gonna do one last summer snaps post!




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Summer snaps – day forty seven


Days off include indulgence:

sitting on the dining room bench

cats in my view

– curled up and snoring –

on the table I have

smashed avocado toast

with crunchy salty flakes.

Coffee from a trip to Canada

– no apologies for the cream and sugar –

ripe plums sliced for snacking

phone playing witty podcasts.

All the while,

lists on my mind –

things to do

things to do



But for now –

sweet indulgence.

Summer snaps – day forty one

We had a trip to the vet this morning (checkup and nail trimming, so nothing to worry about) and I snapped this pic when Ben was showing the vet something on Samson’s belly. Ugh, this cat is too much. Just look at those eyes!

Summer snaps – day thirty eight

These cuties.


(also I know I’m not posting every day anymore but that’s just cause life is life and I don’t always have time to pull out my camera, or even my phone for pictures. also also sometimes life is just boring!!)