What Alice Forgot: Book Review

Since getting involved with the book club through my local Air Force spouses group, I’ve read so many books that I might not have picked up on my own, and I love that.

Of course, since I’m one of the leaders of the book club, I do have some say in which books were a part of the poll, but our members voted on the top picks, and we ended up with a few that I wasn’t so sure about.

One of these books in particular was What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty.

This was our November book club pick. I have to admit that I thought this would be another silly chick-lit book that I’d end up getting bored with halfway through & have pretentious feelings about. But, as it turns out, I was wrong.

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August favorites

Another month has come and gone! August was a busy month of anniversaries, family visits, lots of hours spent at work, and seemingly endless rain. It’s been a month full of pushing back items on my to-do list for far too long – including blog posts like this. I’m just barely making it in time to talk about what I’ve been loving in August! Surprise surprise, a lot of it is food or entertainment…

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Summer snaps – day forty eight

So many books, so little time!

Today I went to a clearance sale for the Half-Price Books store. They had so many books that they held it in Wright State’s big arena! It was a pretty good sale – but it took me a few hours to find good quality books I was interested in. They were $2 each, which is awesome. Some of them are for a project for book club, so I’ve read a few of them. Check out my haul!

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Summer snapshots – day seven

This is one of my favorite spots in the house – the bookshelf in our second bedroom/office. It’s where I keep most of my books, and every time I look at it I’m reminded of all the stories I’ve read and have yet to read. I’ve got books from childhood, high school, college summers, and ones I just picked up last week, along with unsent Christmas cards and trinkets filled with memories. Bookshelves can be an incredibly personal thing and a peek into someone’s life. I hope I can read all of the books on my shelves someday!

june 7.jpg

Get crafty: TBR Jar

I finally feel like I’ve settled into this house, and a good part of that was organizing my craft supplies. Through the moves and the college dorm-living, they’ve been constricted to plastic bins & have been jostled and thrown all around, and have been sitting in a closet ever since we got to this house. We have a teeny tiny second bedroom here that we’ve turned into an office, and I bought a simple desk from the Container Store and some organizational drawers on sale from Michael’s for my side of the room. It’s been a stupidly long process, but last week I actually put everything in its proper place, and did a fair bit of combing through the supplies and tossed/donated things I know I won’t be using.

TBR Jar - 1 of 1 (2)

I’m one of those people who can deal with a messy space, but for my creativity and happiness to be flowing, I need a good organizing marathon every now and then.

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READ THIS NOW – You Deserve a Drink by Mamrie Hart

I have a slight obsession with YouTube. I have a set few YouTubers who, upon seeing they’ve uploaded videos, make me want to drop everything I’m doing to press play and watch. Some are comedians, like Grace Helbig, some are part-time vloggers, like Zoella, some are beauty gurus, like itsjudytime, and some are just plain amazeballs human beings, like Mamrie Hart.


Mamrie Hart is, honest to goodness, one of the funniest people I have ever watched. She has two channels, You Deserve a Drink and mametown, and was the host of the online travel web series HeyUSA for two seasons. All of these things make me literally laugh out loud and sometimes even snort. And now, she has written a book! Just like her original YouTube channel, it’s called You Deserve a Drink: Boozy Misadventures and Tales of Debauchery. I love memoir-type books, especially ones with some humor, and let me tell ya, this one is BANGIN. Okay, I just finished reading it today, so her writing style may have rubbed off on me… And if I was Mamrie, I know I’d have a terrible pun to go along with that last sentence!! But alas, I am not, so if you want the funnies, you will have to go buy her book. Continue reading “READ THIS NOW – You Deserve a Drink by Mamrie Hart”