Positive affirmations for pregnancy & birth

Wish I could find a site to credit this to, but a friend sent it to me!

I absolutely love positive affirmations – whether they’re used to center yourself around your pregnancy and birth, or just in everyday life. It’s SO helpful to me to have a word or a phrase accessible in the back of my mind to pull on when I’m feeling stressed, off balance, overwhelmed, or anxious. And I’ve REALLY needed them during this pregnancy!

The power of positive

I first came across a lot of these wonderful affirmations while taking our 5 week Hypnobirthing course. When you take a Hypnobirthing course, it comes with mp3 tracks of guided relaxation, but also comes with a track of positive affirmations for labor, birth, and pregnancy that you can listen to! I think one of the greatest things that I got out of the course was this track – I listen to it almost every day, sometimes on repeat. 

Side note – if you’re looking for a Hypnobirthing instructor in the Dayton, OH area, definitely get in touch with Mari Jo Sellers, who ran our course! She’s WONDERFUL. 

Because I just can’t get enough of hypnobirthing, I also purchased the Positive Birth Company’s digital pack {super inexpensive! but doesn’t totally replace an in-person course} which came with even more meditations, and yes, another track of positive affirmations. This one is read by a nice sounding British lady, which for some reason puts me even more at ease.

I wanted to make sure that I saw these affirmations every day – listening to them helps immensely, but if you’re more visual, it can be really effective to just see the words repeatedly. 

And what better place to put them than my phone background?!

I check my phone way more often than I’d like to admit, so if I can turn that habit into something slightly positive, then that’s a plus to me. {It also helps me remember to breathe, take a second, and not worry about Googling that random symptom that I’m currently obsessing over.}

I thought I’d share these backgrounds that I created {using Canva and Illustrator – it’s really simple to do yourself if there’s an affirmation you really like to see!} here for anyone to download and use. There is so much negativity and scary stuff on the Internet surrounding pregnancy and birth, so if I can help one person remember to focus on the positive, then that makes me SUPER happy.

You should be able to save them directly from here, but if you need it, I can send a link to a Google Photos album! Also, they were made to fit my iPhone 7, so some adjusting might be necessary for other phones. 

My current favorite affirmation is the first one in the group – “my baby will come when my baby is ready.” I’m 40 weeks pregnant today, and VERY ready for my baby to get here already! It’s a good reminder to slow down and appreciate this wild process and to attempt to take advantage of this down time. I just can’t wait to meet this little one!

If these affirmations are relevant to you right now, which one is your favorite? Do you have another one that’s not here that you love repeating? Like I said before, I just can’t get enough!!