Yisrael’s Newborn Session

Lately I’ve been wanting to share my photos from some of my photo shoots, and I think I’m going to start making blog posts where I highlight a few of my favorite shots!

Well, let’s be honest – more than a few. I’m one of the most indecisive people ever!!

My good friend Dina, whose little one I had been doing monthly milestone photos with, wanted to get her friend Rochel the gift of newborn photos. This was mama’s sixth baby {amazing woman!}. Dina, being the sweetest person ever, wanted her to have something to memorialize this fleeting moment of tiny baby-ness, so she asked me if I’d like to help out. Of course I said yes!

This was only my second newborn shoot, and I’m not a pro at handling babies, so I was really excited {and nervous!} about the challenge. I don’t have a studio or really very many props – someday I’d like to invest a little more so that things don’t feel so DIY/thrown together. Someday! Dina is great at planning, and together we were able to pull together something wonderful.


Sweet, sweet Yisrael was just a little over a week old when we took his newborn photos. He was so alert and curious and didn’t want to sleep one bit until the end! Babies will do what babies wanna do, so there aren’t as many of those typical sleeping photos you’ll see in newborn sessions but I love them just the same.

The mother bought those adorable outfits off of Amazon, believe it or not!! So precious!

Oh, those tiny yawns, little toes, sweet smiles…

I loved the chance to get out of my comfort zone like this. Hopefully these photos will be a special keepsake for this lovely mama as her son grows & grows!

It is such an honor to be trusted with capturing these special moments of peoples lives.