August favorites

Another month has come and gone! August was a busy month of anniversaries, family visits, lots of hours spent at work, and seemingly endless rain. It’s been a month full of pushing back items on my to-do list for far too long – including blog posts like this. I’m just barely making it in time to talk about what I’ve been loving in August! Surprise surprise, a lot of it is food or entertainment…


I have a subscription to Audible, Amazon’s audiobook service. Every month I pay $15 for one credit, which I can use to purchase audiobooks on their site, which would normally be $20 or more. The credits roll over, and if you don’t like the audiobook, you can return it and get your credit back.

But enough about Audible! I mentioned in my July faves that I often listen to podcasts while doing chores, going for walks, or relaxing, and if I’m not listening to a podcast, then you can find me listening to an audiobook! Lately, I’ve been listening to all of the Harry Potter books, which are narrated by a guy with the most British accent ever. It’s a fun way to revisit the series! I also would recommend Bossypants by Tiny Fey – it’s read by Tina herself, and hearing her read it just makes all of it 10x funnier! I used to listen to it while working out, and found myself cackling while running.

You can find almost any popular book in audiobook form, including memoirs, nonfiction, and lectures. Check it out! And OH HEY – if you use my link, you can get a free 30 day trial, which includes TWO audiobooks! Really, what are you waiting for? Dooooooooo it.

Hatch chiles


It’s Hatch chile season! Also known as the New Mexico chile or green chiles, these delicious babies are grown in Hatch, NM. Their spiciness varies – last year’s chiles that I tried were super hot for me, but the ones I’ve tried this year were pretty mild. The store I work at, Dorothy Lane Market, directly buys up a ton of chiles every year, roasts them locally, and makes approximately 1 billion different products out of them. Just kidding on the estimate, but really – hatch chile salsa, hatch chile cornbread, hatch chile mac & cheese, hatch chile burgers… the list goes on! They’re only around for a limited time, so if you get a chance to try them, DO IT! They have an amazing flavor that words can’t describe. Well, someone who’s a better writer could probably describe them. Meh.

Expanding my library

book meme

Seriously, this comic describes my life. Below are just a few of the books I bought at a big used book store clearance sale a couple of weeks ago… and then I went back the next day with a friend and bought more. SOMEONE STOP ME. We’ve run out of bookshelf space!!!


Jane the Virgin

Modern telenovela meets witty, unbelievable coming-of-age comedy. The writing is incredible, the acting is hilariously amazing, and I can’t get enough. The storyline sounds ridiculous, which it is, but once you watch the first episode, you’ll be hooked. I’ve watched through the two seasons twice, and I want to start again! I’m so excited for the third season to come out in a few months. Check it out on Netflix or Amazon! Get ready to binge watch!

Coffee, as always

I’ve been a barista for a year now, and I’ve learned so much about coffee in that short time. Lately, I’ve been having a great time working on my latte art, experimenting with different drinks to find out what I like best, and trying different brewing methods at home. My favorite home method is the Hario V60 pourover, followed closely by cold brewing. My coworker (and friend yay!) Jackie wrote a really great blog post on her cold brew method on her sweet blog, Sprinkles In My Coffee. Check it out! She is a coffee genius.

Barre3 online

One of my favorite ways to work out is by taking barre classes – the time flies by, it’s fun, and my entire body is thoroughly exhausted after an hour long class. I started taking Pure Barre classes last year before the wedding, and took some at a studio here in Dayton, but it can get pretty pricey. So lately, I’ve been trying out Barre3‘s online classes. They’ve got over 250 online workouts, that vary in length from 10-60 minutes. You can choose whether or not you want to take a class with props, what areas the workout will target, and can read comments from other people who have done the classes. I pay $15 every month for this, which is a STEAL, considering I was paying at least that much for just one Pure Barre class. Of course, you have to be personally accountable to do online classes and make it worth it, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking about signing up. I’ve been loving it!

Biscoff cookie butter

Biscoff cookies, which are often served on planes, are crisp, crunchy Belgian cookies that have a caramelized, brown sugary cinnamon flavor. They’re freaking amazing. Then comes Biscoff cookie butter. I just… I can’t convey how delicious it is through the internet. You have to try it. And get the crunchy one. You won’t be disappointed. Biscoff cookie butter is the reason I need things like Barre3’s workouts!!!

Oh, and air conditioning. Thank goodness for air conditioning. What have YOU been loving in August?

{disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links}