The lost photos of Ireland 

Two years ago, I was lucky enough to spend the summer living and interning in Dublin, Ireland. It was an unforgettable few months and I miss the city every day! If I could live there again, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Being surrounded by the beautiful green countryside, friendly people with great accents, and a city full of life was incredible – I felt so alive in Ireland. But anyways, enough of me professing my love for the country.

After my program ended, Ben came to visit me for a week and we took trip allllll the way around the coast of Ireland, stopping each night at a B&B in a different town. It was magical. And what made it even more magical was that he proposed to me right in the middle of the trip, on August 6th, at the Cliffs of Moher! It was a complete surprise and he even hired a photographer to capture the moment. (another anniversary in August!)

Ben Margaret- 9
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I loved having those photos of us, and I took photos with my DSLR the whole trip as well – it’s so nice to have those to look back on, and to have prints of them around the house. Like all millennials, we have lots of phone pictures too, but the quality of those just can’t compare. On top of all of those photos, that took me so long to go through, it turns out that we have even more Ireland photos – from Ben’s camera!

I bought him a little point and shoot camera a few years ago as a gift. He always wants to use my camera and I thought it would be fun to see more photos from his perspective with this digital camera. He brought it and used it on the Ireland trip, and it was great to have another way to quickly snap pics without worrying about phone space or running out of battery! I used it a lot while he was driving around the country.

But after the trip, the engagement, starting school again, wedding planning, and all that jazz, I sort of forgot that those digital camera pics existed! Whoops! So now, two years later, I took them off his memory card and went through them. They were so sweet to look through – it made me miss our adventurous trip and that gorgeous country. So I thought I’d share them here to give you a peek into the past! And by share, I mean photodump like 100 pictures. You’re welcome. #throwbacksaturday is now a thing.

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