So where did you go to college?

My alma mater, Wheaton College, is a tiny (~1600 students) liberal arts college in a small town in Massachusetts. When I was living on the East Coast, most people hadn’t heard of it, so I’d give them the whole spiel – and that’s what I knew to expect from people. Here in Ohio (which is technically the East Coast but feels hella Midwest to me) I tend to get a different response from people…

Person: So where did you go to college?

Me: I went to Wheaton College, it’s a small school that you might not have heard–

Person: Oh, I know people who went there! In Illinois, right?

Me: Uh, no, mine’s in Massachusetts. There are two Wheaton Colleges, but they’re pretty different…

Person: *silently judging me bc my school is super liberal and not the conservative, Christian school that they thought it was*

So this is new!!!

3 thoughts on “So where did you go to college?”

  1. Ohio is totally the midwest! But I guess it’s Eastern time zone… idk… I agree, definitely feels Midwestern to me!
    Most of my family is in Illinois and when I decided on Auburn none of them had heard of it (granted, it’s not a small school, they just didn’t really know the SEC schools). Everyone thought it was in NY. Too funny.