July favorites

July is going by so quickly! Is it just me or has time been moving much faster than it used to? Maybe that’s a “symptom” of getting older – not that 23 is old!!

July has started as a month full of traveling, relaxing, adventuring, cats, and days that feel way to short to be able to fit everything in! Still, I managed to pick out a few of my favorite things, which is one of those bloggery things I’ve been meaning to try out. So though the month is not yet over, here are a few of my faves so far!


New camera lens

For my birthday, Ben got me a Nikkor 50mm lens that I’ve been eyeing ever since I got my camera. As a fixed lens, it’s been challenging me to take more creative pictures, and I’m so happy to have something new to play around with!


As you may have seen in my earlier post, we adopted our second cat, Samson, at the beginning of May. We are loving our little household additions – they provide lots of entertainment, a little stress, and lots of cuddles. Ugh, I’m becoming one of those people who talks about their pets at any chance they can… I don’t hate it.

Erin Condren planner

When I was a kid, I looooooved getting a new planner at the start of every school year. I’ve been feeling kind of all over the place lately, and wanted to be able to plan again. These Erin Condren planners are a bit of a cult fave that I wanted to explore since I was really inspired by the planner community on Instagram. The 2016 planners were on sale in May since the year was almost half over, and I have a hard time resisting sales…. so this organized beauty is now mine!!! It was a lil overwhelming when I first got it, but I think I’m figuring out a planner system that’s working for me. Woo!

Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Stick Eyeshadow in Honey Bunny

You know those mornings when you don’t want to spend time doing your makeup, but still want to look like a put-together human? Yeah, I have a lot of those mornings, especially when I’ve got 6:30am shifts at the coffee bar. This eye shadow stick is insanely easy to use – just swipe gently over your eyelids, and blend a bit with your finger (or a brush if you’re actually good at makeup) quickly before it sets. Marc Jacobs makes super pigmented products, so a little goes a long way! You can layer it if you like a bold look, and can use it as an eye shadow base. The shade that I use, Honey Bunny, is a nice light pinky champagne shade, but they make a bunch of different shades that range from subtle to crazy bold. They’re definitely shimmery, so stay away if you’re not into that. And be careful not to get it in your eye. Because ouch.

Happier podcast

I love podcasts. They’re awesome to listen to when I’m out on walks or doing chores around the house – and the Happier podcast with Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft is one of my favorites. I binge-listened (is that a thing?) to all of the episodes over the past few months and now find myself wanting to listen to certain ones again! Gretchen Rubin has written a few books about happiness and habits, and the podcast is sort of an extension of those books. She and her sister Elizabeth give advice to listeners and talk about habits and life and all that good stuff. Their podcast is simultaneously comforting and challenging, and makes me feel honestly happier every time I listen. I highly recommend giving it a chance!

Nike leggings

I’ve been living in Nike running leggings. They’re the softest and most comfortable pair of leggings I’ve ever worn, and the ones I have are a flattering, neutral geometric pattern. I’ve worn them traveling, exercising, relaxing around the house, out for errands, and all that jazz! Yeah, they’re technically made just for running, but I’ve gotta be a rule breaker somehow, okay?


Fitbit Alta

My trusty Fitbit Zip broke in March, and I replaced it with the brand-spanking new Fitbit Alta! It was definitely an adjustment to go from wearing my Fitbit on my waistband to wearing it on my wrist, but I’ve loved it so far. The Alta has reminders to move, so if you don’t get 250 steps in the hour, it’ll buzz at you and tell you to get your butt off the couch. It tracks your steps (of course), your exercise, your active minutes, calories, distance, and your sleep. And it’s comfortable and has a low-profile on your wrist! I think it’s made me get up and move more, which is always a good thing.


Home coffee bar

I’m slightly obsessed with tea and coffee. Just a little bit. It’s not like it’s my job or anything… *heavy sarcasm*

And with that obsession comes a lot of tea and coffee and equipment that was taking up my cabinets and counter space. Seriously, it was a little ridiculous how much of the kitchen was accidentally dedicated to tea and coffee, considering we have a pretty small kitchen! Ben was not super happy with my ever-expanding collection encroaching on prep space, and it was looking a little overwhelming. So we decided to search for a way to create a little coffee bar in a corner of our dining room – and with a trip to IKEA, we found the solution! We got a kitchen island with a nice wooden top and shelves below, which Ben quickly assembled. I transferred my tea, mugs, coffee, contraptions, etc. to the new coffee bar, and voila! One of my favorite spots in the house was born. It is a thing of beauty.


Do I really need to explain this one? I’m scared to look at the number of times I’ve played through the Hamilton soundtrack on my phone… #hamiltrash


So there you have it! These are a few of my favorite things (written with the song in mind, duh!) of the moment. Let’s see what

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