A little update – with photos!

What would a blog post be without a ton of photos?

I’ve been taking quick snapshots almost every day I’ve been here – of things that catch my eye in the city, of cafes I’m starting to love, of my lunch, a latte, or just anything I think would be worth sharing with those I love back home. I have been uploading them in big chunks to Facebook, but am realizing that there’s a lot of my time here in Dublin that hasn’t yet been recorded on my blog! Instead of slowly back-tracking and writing blog posts on things that happened two weeks ago, I’m just going to do a serious photo-dump, complete with lots of captions. Be warned, the photos were all taken with my iPhone, so they’re not great quality. Hopefully it will give you (whoever you are) a bit of an idea of what my month in Dublin has been like so far!

One thing that I had been really looking forward to trying out was the Dublin Unitarian Church. Here are some pictures from my first visit:

Following the Sunday morning church visit, I did a little tourist-ing at the Old Jameson Distillery, and ate lunch in St. Stephen’s Green.

One of my favorite things has been trying out the different sandwich shops and lunch spots around my office. I did some online research to find the best ones, and quickly realized that Oxmantown, which is a 2 minute walk from my office, stood out at the top as a great place to get a sandwich. On days when I don’t bring my lunch, their delicious €5.50 sandwiches do the trick!

Another thing I can’t help but try out is the many MANY cafes in the area. I love a good latte!

One AWESOME thing that I really enjoyed doing was volunteering for the Dublin Pride Parade! I saw on their Facebook page that they were short on volunteers, so a friend and I went early and helped hand out water bottles and give information. We then got to unfurl and help carry the massive pride flag down the streets of Dublin during the parade! It ended up being a ton of fun. I was interested in the parade because back home in DC, my family has marched together with PFLAG in the DC Pride Parade for a number of years, and my incredible mother has organized the Unitarian Universalist contingent for the parade as well. Being in the Dublin Pride Parade definitely made me miss being back home with my family!

Upon the suggestion from a coworker, a few friends and I decided to check out Gaelic football at Croke Park! It was quite an experience – who knew that the players use their hands much more than their feet in this version of football? (probably people who did research before going to the game) I really think a great way to experience local culture is to go see some sort of sporting match if you can. The fans were wild, but there were tons of families as well – most were decked out in blue to support Dublin’s team. Croke Park is massive, and it felt a little bit like going into a jail, but we made it out without a hitch. And stopped for gelato after 🙂

Now, because I’m too lazy to write out exact details and separate out all of the rest of the photos, here they are, all in one big chunk! Most are from walks I’ve taken in the evenings around where I’m living. I’m amazed at how different the many areas of Dublin feel from each other! And I think I’m falling in love with a few of them 🙂

As always, I will try to post more often and photo-dump less often. One month left in Dublin… time flies!

Thanks for reading! Margaret

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